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Gongyi Yuli Municipal Engineering Machinery Plant
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About Us our factory is a specialist manufacturer of cement-producing machines , new-type machines for construction and made-for-customer equipments , providing semi-automate or full-automate equipments for making concreted bricks , liquid-vibration series such as 100t,150t,200t,300t-like full-automate and semi-automate bricks machine and bricks-machine used on road brim with several cement mixer consequently chiefly for construction company , municipal administration , highway , water conservancy and railway , ect . too such equipments can make kinds of received cemented bricks , grey-sand bricks , environment-protecting bricks and so on . our factory acts incisively on “ maiden quality , initiatory reputation , initiative customer ” , setting “ reputation is more crucial than products , satisfaction of our customers is our last aim ” as selling concept . by far , our products have been sold around the country with reputable credits of customers . they are of expectant value to our customers , be good to manufacturers and cost-lessening for constructor . they are your world-class choice in cemented-products producing profession and your ideal products for beautifying roads , city construction , protecting-environment and wall-materials innovation .
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