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IKV automatic electric omni agv vehicle for automotive

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Jiangxi IKV Robot Co.,Ltd

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Company Address No. 188 Changxin Road,Nanchang,Jiangxi,China (Mainland)


Basic Info.

Place of Origin: Jiangxi, China (Mainland)  Communication: Wireless LAN  Power System: Electrical  Load Weight: Max. 10 tons  Max. Size: 4100 mm *1450 mm  Shelf Lifting Height: 130 mm  Locating Precision: 10 mm  Nonstop Working Time: More than 8 hours  Charging Method: Automatic  Place of Origin: Jiangxi   Min.Order: 1 Set/Sets Means of Transport: Ocean, Land

Supply Capacity

Production Capacity: 30 sets per month Packing:Packed in wooden case Delivery Date: 15-20 days after payment

IKV Automated Guided Vehicle Product Introduction

IKV automated guided vehicle is a kind of mobile robot which can follow magnetic tape on the floor by using vision or magnet for navigation. It is mostly applied in the filed of warehouse storage, food or beverage, plastic, pharmaceutical, rubber industry, etc. It is used to convey material inside the warehouse or workshop.


Company Profile

Nanchang IKV Robot Co., Ltd is a high and new technology enterprise, which integrates product research, manufacturing and distribution by virtue of Germany advanced technique. It specializes in the research and production of industrial robot, automatic production line, industrial control system project, etc. It supplies automatic solution in the filed of automobile, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemical, fertilizer, steel, etc. All in all, it assists the clients to build smart factory and easily master Industry 4.0.


Working Principle of IKV Automated Guided Vehicle

The navigation is completed by means of the reflective tape installed on fixed place or device. There is a laser navigation scanner on the rotating turret. The safety sensor is used to transmit and receive laser. The angle or distance to any reflector which is in line of sight or in range is automatically calculated. This parameter is compared with the map of the reflector layout stored in AGV' memory. It allows the navigation system to triangulate the AGV' current position, which is compared with the programmed path shown on the reflector layout map. The frequent steering is used to keep AGV on the programmed track and navigate to the desired target.


Main Structural Diagram of IKV Automated Guided Vehicle

The laser guide scanned, mounted on the top of the car, triangulates its position using mirrors placed at height around the work area. It drives along a specific pathway and perform designated functions governed by our control system.

Main Function of IKV Automated Guided Vehicle

1. Adopting Indoor Navigation of Laser Scanner

Laser scanner is the first choice of high precision and high power indoor navigation. It can confirm the exact position of AGV by means of mark.


2. Monitoring the Running Route and Speed during Safe Driving

Our own self-developed driving monitor expansion module can accurately monitor AGV running direction and speed parameter.


3. IKV Ultrasonic and Infrared Safety Scanner

It is yield of professional knowledge and rich experience. It integrates usability and safety. It can meet dynamic or static, zone protection and passage monitoring requirement.


4. Measuring Rise or Fall and Horizontal Movement

Visual system can accurately, quickly or reliably measure the fork height. It can also monitor horizontal movement of fork so as to automatically adjust and fit for all kinds of pallets. 


The Benefits of Using IKV Automated Guided Vehicle

1. Reduce labor cost and remove overtime or turnover cost;

2. Guarantee the safety of factory device;

3. Reduce loss of product or shipment;

4. The light-out configuration save energy consumption

5. Adjust to all kinds of stand, pallet, or manufacturing operations.


Scope of Application for IKV Automated Guided Vehicle

1. Pharmaceutical industry

2. Chemical industry

3. Automotive industry

4. Paper and printing industry

5. Food and beverage industry;

6. Warehousing


IKV Automated Guided Vehicle Applied in Hospital

Automated guided vehicle can move trash, soiled food tray, surgical case cart, medical waste, etc.


IKV Automated Guided Vehicle Applied in Food and Beverage

Automated guided vehicle can load standard or over the road trailers carrying ready-made cargo, unload trailers to provide raw material to the plant.


IKV Automated Guided Vehicle Applied in Chemical Industry

Automated guided vehicle transports raw material, move material to curing warehouse and supply transportation to other processing cells or station. It is mainly used in the filed of plastic, rubber, other chemical industry, etc.


IKV Automated Guided Vehicle Applied in Warehousing

Automated guided vehicle logically moves load inside the warehouse and prepare them for shipping/loading or receiving. It can also move the load from the induction conveyor to logical storage station. This function is achieved by means of our own warehouse software IKV industry 4.0 card.


IKV Automated Guided Vehicle in Automotive Industry

Automated guided vehicle is mainly applied in power train plant, stamping plant or assembly plant. It is mostly used to transport raw material, convey work-in process and move ready-made cargo. It can be also adopted to provide custom tooling.


IKV Automated Guided Vehicle Applied in Pharmaceutical Industry

Automated guided vehicle supports process validation and current good manufacturing practice, it can track all the movement based on its reflector layout map. Therefore, laser guided vehicle proves to be the best method for moving material in the pharmaceutical plant.


IKV Automated Guided Vehicle Applied in Paper or Printing Industry

Automated guided vehicle can supply material movement in the production, storing or retrieval of paper, newspaper printing, plastic film, etc. It can also move paper rolls, waster bins or pallet.


1. Installation Services: In the period of installation and debugging, we shall offer training about effective operation and maintenance.


2. Technical Services: We can assist our clients to solve all kind of technical problems with our capable technical team, and we own adequate experience for production line transformation project.


3. Warranty Services: We offer free after sale service except the engineers' traveling expense for any quality problem occurs during our 12 months warranty period.


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