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Bulk Items Hand Loading Industrial Storage Shelves With Powder Coat Paint Finish

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Bulk Items Hand Loading Industrial Storage Shelves With Powder Coat Paint Finish
Quick Details:

Product NameLong Span Racking

Standard Specification
(Customized Available)

W1500×D500×H1500mm           W1500×D500×H2000mm 
W1800×D500×H1800mm           W1800×D500×H2000mm
W2000×D600×H1800mm           W2000×D600×H2000mm
W2200×D600×H2000mm           W2200×D600×H2200mm
W2400×D700×H2200mm           W2400×D700×H2400mm
W2600×D800×H2400mm           W2600×D800×H2600mm
W2800×D900×H2600mm           W2800×D900×H2800mm
W3000×D1000×H2800mm         W3000×D1000×H3000mm
W3000×D1000×H3500mm         W3000×D1000×H4000mm

Rack Levels3 levels, 4 levels, 5 levels, 6 levels
Load Capacity per Level200KG, 300KG, 500KG, 700KG, 1000KG
Raw Materialhigh quality cold rolling steel Q235B(SS400) purchased from Shanghai Baosteel Group
Material Thickness1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm
Surface Treatmentdeoil, derusting and powder coat paint finish
Rack Colorsstandard blue, orange and customized available
HS Code7308900000

The Long Span Shelving System is the optimal system for manually storing small to medium-size products. 
This product is versatile, given its adaptability to any type of unit load; selective, as it allows immediate access to all unit loads and/or references stored; and dynamic, since it is easily assembled and/or disassembled, and components are also easily replaced and/or added.
The range of accessories and possible system configurations allow it to be adapted to any type of goods. Although it is a hand loaded system, it utilizes the full height of the facility, since higher levels can be accessed using mechanical means (S/R cranes or order-picking trucks) or through walkways located inside the shelving system.
Longer length shelving with a heavier weight loading
Up to 1000kg weight loading per level
A choice of 2 heights, 3 depths and 4 lengths to maximize your storage space
All shelves or beams can be adjusted freely every 50mm
Shelves or panels can be made from Wire Mesh or moisture-resistant steel board
Consists of upright frames, beams and shelves
Easily assembled in minutes
Powder coated paint finish
Extra shelves easily added
Increase your storage space by adding extension units
Especially suitable for those small in size but large quantity products like retailing industry.
Designing factors:
How high (1800mm or 2000mm) -- most popular is 2000mm
How long (1200, 1500, 1800, 2000 or 2400) -- most popular is 1800mm or 2400mm
How many levels (3, 4 or 5) -- most popular is 4 levels
Our free services include consultations and sample CAD layouts of your proposed rack system. Our design experts can analyze your application and find an application specific solution for you. Get the racking system you need at the best price guaranteed.


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