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About Us Zhengzhou Nongshengle Livestock Equipment Co. , Ltd. is located in Jinshui District , Zhengzhou City , Henan Province , Zhengzhou City of Industry and Commerce , the tax department approved the establishment of registration.Zhengzhou is located in the south of the North China Plain , the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River , Central to the north of Henan Province , commodious transportation and friendly location , commercial-grade developed.Is the interior historic and ethnical city , an crucial primal city in China 's cardinal region , an significant home comprehensive transportation hub , the Central Plains Economic Zone core city . Nongshengle is committed to Building ecologic animal husbandry automation brand in China , To provide customers with New breeding equipment and microbic feed additives products . The company 's principal Breeding needs of the sow-farrowing crate , pig trough , feeder line , machinelike feeding equipment , cooling equipment , cleaning and disinfection equipment , vaccination syringes , ear tag management , breeding tools and former agrarian equipment . Nongshengle sales of breeding equipment and microbic feed additives , and former products have passed the home security testing and certification , and the majority of customer recognition , After years of practice and never-ending efforts , our products have been pushed to mainland China , Taiwan and Malaysia , Brazil , South Africa , Russia and early countries and regions , and the immense number of users of the whole recognition and praise , industry sales leader .
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