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CE PL RF Laser Skin Lifting Multifunction Beauty Equipment 3 in 1 For Face

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Beijing Da Yang Science & Technology Co.,Ltd

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CE PL RF Laser Skin Lifting Multifunction Beauty Equipment 3 in 1 For Face


1 OEM&ODM Service

2 2 hand pieces (ipl+laser)

3 Model :QJ-340B

4 Certification:    CE      

5 Place of Origin:      Guangdong China (Mainland)

6 Brand Name:    Faireal     






IPL Principe

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is technically not a real Laser. IPL uses white light composed of broad wavelength affects pigmentations, broken capillaries and hair follicles. The IPL’s light, once within the dermis, pigments is shattered and eliminated out of body by metabolism. In the meanwhile, IPL medical machine also give a boost to collagen production, which can make the skin more youthful, radiant and bright and remove fine wrinkles. The light with long wavelength can pass through epidermis to the hair follicles in the deep part of the skin. At the targeted area, high temperature occurs to destroy follicles and hair shaft and prevent-re-growth of new hair. The unique features brings success of Easy to use LCD color touch screen with 1 minute setup time, Card slot for pay as you go, Sophisticated air/ water cooling system and various big spot size for selection.

Laser Principe

YAG laser can penetrate skin of human body according to the theory of “selective laser decomposing”, the instrument uses the laser-wave only sensitive to pigment to break Chromatophore into pieces, and to achieve the purpose of de-freckle with these pieces naturally absorbed by the body. It absorbed by the black, blue with 1064nm frequency and the red, pink, purple, brown with 532nm frequency of the tattoo or other pigmentations removed without damages to normal tissue.






1 skin care and rejuvenation

2 permanent hair removal

3 vascular treatment

4 dispel epaidermal pigmentation

5 dispel the spots and freckles

6 acne removal

7 skin lifting

8 Hair removal, tattoo removal

9 Pigmentation lesions

10 Skin  rejuvenation Vascular lesions










Treatment head


Spot Size


Cooling System

Air &water &semiconductor

IPL light energy


Integrated skin cooling


Working period

Continuous working 3-4 hours

Power Supply

110v,50hz or220v 60hz

Hand piece quantity

e-light handle by 12*30(standard)or15*50mmwith 5filters laser handle


8.4 inch color touch display


1-50j/cm2(elight)510mj-1000mj(NDYAG Laser)




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